Sunday School


The Oklahoma MarThoma Sunday School serves as an integral part of our church. We are blessed with the opportunity to gather every Sunday morning to learn and share the word of God and praise our Savior. Sunday school starts at 8:45 am with a praise and worship session and the classes meet after. Sunday School classes are led by a group of very dedicated teachers. Classes are taught as per the Marthoma Sunday School Samajam curriculum and supplemental studies from the book, The Mar Thoma Church: Foundation and Vision. Sunday school sessions are also held every other Sunday in Tulsa.

Sunday School Activities

Sunday school children actively participate in various church activities and also in Regional and Diocesenal activities. Some of the annual activities of the Sunday School include a VBS in the Summer, a retreat, an ecumenical program on World Sunday School Day and presentation of a play during the church Christmas program. Sunday school students and teachers also participate in various community programs like caroling in local Nursing Homes, toy, and clothing drives for the Salvation Army. Students also continue to donate their Christmas gifts to the needy in the local community and in India.

Mar Thoma Sunday School – Foundation Curriculum

Mar Thoma Sunday School Chapter Book

Previous Diocesan Exams

Local Competition (April 7, 2018, 9 AM)

The local competition will have the same topics as the regional competition (see below). The only exception is that the Bible Quiz for the local competition will cover only chapters 1-5 of Daniel.

Regional Competition 2018 (August 4, 2018, Dallas Farmers Branch)

Please continue to pray for our Sunday School and its activities in your daily prayers. We thank you for your prayers and support.