Parish Mission


Parish Mission is the wing of the Church standing for the mission of Jesus Christ.All the members of the Church are the members of Parish Mission also. MTVEA or Mar Thoma Voluntary Evangelistic association has its birth date back to 1888.In Mar Thoma Church of Oklhoma the local unit of MTVEA the parish Mission was established in 1980. Parish Mission meetings are conducted at the Church at 7PM on Fridays. Members of the parish Mission are attending the regional and national conferences of MTVEA. The first Sunday of October, is celebrated as the Parish Mission Sunday. During the alternate third Sundays, parish mission members actively participate in the Church worship service by reading the lessons, taking the offertory and by doing the kiss of peace. The yearend revival meetings at the Church is organized by Parish Mission.

Mission Activities

Mission Board of the Church decides and the Parish Mission distributes the money for the charity works both locally and in India. The members through their fellowship, activities and prayers proclaim the fact that “Every Marthomite is an evangelist”.