Native American Mission


The Native Americans Mission began as part of our effort to reach out to our neighbors in North America. Since 2003, we have been working among the Choctaw and Houma Native American communities living in Alabama, Oklahoma and Louisiana. The primary goal of the mission program is to reach the community with Christian love, especially the youth who have lost the community focus and Christian identity. The Mar Thoma church has entered into this community to foster fellowship, to deepen Christian faith, to empower parents, and to encouraging local leadership.


Vacation Bible School: VBS is held throughout the Native American community in Oklahoma and Alabama. Volunteer activities include teaching VBS classes, crafts, music ministry, seminars, health education, and conducting worship.Youth Camp: This is a week-long VBS style Youth Camp for Choctaw youths in Oklahoma and Alabama. Volunteers lead worship, coordinate classes/activities, and work as cabin counselors. This is a blessed time between the volunteers and the Choctaw youths where healthy Christian relationships are fostered

Youth Rallies: Quarterly Youth Rallies are held with the Choctaw Presbyterian Churches in southeastern Oklahoma. Activities include Bible classes, worship and team building sessions. The rallies are also combined with other fellowship type activities like the 3on3 Basketball Tournament, which provides a fun and effective outreach for the Choctaw youths.

Building Projects: Mar Thoma volunteers across North America have renovated homes and churches in Alabama, Lousiana, and Oklahoma for the Native American community.

Oklahoma Activities in 2016

• Our Fifth Sunday Rallies held on January 30th and October 29th helped to expand the Evangelism work between our churches. The January rally was held at McGee Chapel in Broken Bow and the October rally was held at Round Lake Church in Centrahoma. During these events, our youths led worship, Bible study, and small group discussions. We got a chance to help expand our faith stories with each other and to share the common joy we have in Christ. The discussions that we had have ranged from talking about God in our schools, to our friends, to how we live our lives at home and to our future endeavors in college and with the work life.

• On March 12th, several youths from McGee chapel in Broken Bow came to Oklahoma City to attend the Winter Jam Christian Concert at the Chesapeake Arena with us. It was a good time of fellowship between us.

• On June 4th and 5th, we conducted our 8th Annual 3on3 Basketball Tournament. This was a joint venture with the McGee Chapel Church in Broken Bow. Many Choctaw and Mar Thoma youths participated in the event, along with several youths from the surrounding neighborhood. The tournament was held all day on Saturday and we concluded with a youth rally on Sunday at McGee chapel. All together, we had a total of 10 youth teams participate for the 3on3 basketball event of which 2 of the teams were from MTO.