It is the presence of a choir is what making the divine worships melodious. MTC Oklahoma Choir has its birthdate back to the inception of the Church. In MTC Oklahoma, there are two choirs, Malayalam Choir and English Choir. Both the choirs are registered with DSMC and is growing day by day under the proud guidance of the president of the Choir Rev. Thomas Kurian. Choir Practice of Malayalam Choir is at 04:00PM on alternate Sundays and English Choir practice is at 06:30 PM on alternate Fridays. The members of the Choirs whole heartedly participate in the Church services and thus is an integral part in bringing the blessings from above.


Choirs lead the songs during Holy Communion services and other sacraments. Choirs sing during the conferences and retreats held at the Church and also for the Church conventions. The choirs also participate in Ecumenical Christmas Carol service along with the sister Churches, Orthodox, Catholic and Jacobite.